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Our ergonomic changing tables and high mattress height cots reduce the number of lifts up and down per day for nappy changing and getting children in and out of bed..


By eliminating strenuous working positions, we can help avoid the long-term risk of strain and occupational injuries.

The SafetyNest Ergo Cot developed by Bino in consultation with MTA in Australia has a high mattress height allowing staff to lift the child in and out at hip height, using a scoop action rather than lifting.

The Max & Rosie ergonomic nappy change station features steps with handles on to allow larger children to climb up for a nappy change themselves. A lot of lifting and unnecessary strain during a working day can be avoided as a result.

The Max & Rosie adjustable height ergonomic changing table has been tested in Danish nursery and daycare centres. Its new, smart design makes it easy to use, including remote control.

Height can be adjusted to suit any individual staff member at the touch of a button. It can even be lowered sufficiently for larger children to climb onto the table themselves, and is able to lift over 100kg.

Some of our products for ergonomics