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Safety and Standards

We take safety seriously. Naturally, we comply with all relevant standards for your market and work confidently with European, US and Australian standards, with Intertek as our partner.

We comply with all relevant legislation and requirements, and expect all our suppliers to do the same.

All our product surfaces are tested according to new up to date standards relevant for your market

We do not have any products that do not fulfil the highest requirements

Our Production Department uses the latest technology and processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

We optimize material consumption in order to reduce waste and only produce highly durable products.

All surfaces and materials are tested for Heavy Elements, Lead content in surface and non-surface coating and for phthalates where relevant.

We also conduct flammability on our materials as well as weather conditioning on outdoor items.

Beside our high requirements on materials we test for all physical and mechanical standards.

Our safety and standards specialists perform constant checks during and post-production. We are not satisfied only with certificates – we monitor the entire process with a range of our own tests to ensure that safety is always given top priority.

Beside safety & standards – we make sure our products are built to last for years, with daily use in a daycare center or primary school. We know what it takes.

At Bino we believe in social responsibility, and sets standards for our suppliers – including for human rights, working conditions and we do not accept child labour under any circumstances. BINO is FSC® certified – i.e. we only use wood from sustainable forestry.